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Texts in perfect English that sing out your market concepts with powerful words and global format.
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Manuals and help systems to guide your users, keep them happy and save on support costs.
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American English mother tongue, technical background, over a decade in the writing business are only some of the reasons. Read more »
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"People don't want to be marketed TO; they want to be communicated WITH."
Flint McGlaughlin 




Bruce M provides American English language content for your business and consumer communications. Bruce M also provides both marketing and user documentation, mainly for high-technology devices and software. I can become involved at any stage of document development whether the project involves creating new documents from scratch or editing and enhancing existing drafts. Here listed are my main services:


White Papers – educational documents that present in-depth descriptions of your company, products or technology. These are often reviewed by potential buyers who are seriously considering your product.

Web Content – your messages and product presentations in a style, length and voice for web presentation. Let me look over your existing website to spruce up the language and enhance your global image.

Case Stories - highly persuasive articles that describe a customer’s use and success with your product. If needed, I can gather the information and interview your customers.

Press Releases – complete texts for your newsworthy announcements, written in a journalistic voice.

Product Brochures - concept ideas and text to present your technology, your products and their benefits.

Data-Sheets – specific product-orientated documents describing main features, applications, benefits and specifications.

Company Overviews – descriptions of your company’s story through its history, expertise, services and resources.

Ads & Slogans – hard-hitting messages targeted to your potential customers.

Technical Profiles –articles, often for trade magazines, that describe your technology, products, features and benefits in a technical-journalistic voice.

Technical Writing

Software On-line Help - online documentation designed to be read from the computer screen. Can be designed as context-sensitive help with links from inside the software or as a self-contained unit that is opened through the software Help option or a combination of both. Software on-line Help is created through special Help authoring software or with html editors.

Operation Manuals / User Guides – documents that answer the question, "How do I…?" about different procedures, ranging from set-up, installation, to daily use and troubleshooting.

Software Manuals / User guides - Documents that answer the question, "How do I…?" about different procedures, dialogues ,settings, and steps ranging from installation, configuration, to daily use and troubleshooting.

Quick Guides – quick guides are organized and targeted so both novice and advanced users can easily learn to use the system, reference typical procedures, and find solutions to common problems.

Set-Up & Getting Started Instruction Sheets – illustrative documents that provide information about setting up the device, installing the application, and the basic steps to get started.

Help Desk Manuals – reference tool for your help-desk staff to improve service.

FAQ for Website - List with answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions, designed to reduce support calls and support costs.

Editing & Proofreading

Proofreading – Get error-free English for your international audiences. I will meticulously check your text for spelling, commas and grammar errors and, if needed, suggest changes that will make your message clearer and more powerful.

Editing – I delete redundancies, fix problem sentences, and sharpen your vocabulary where it’s needed. I also edit for overall wordiness and replace inappropriate words in relation to your business area and marketing concepts. I look for ways to improve the overall clarity and organization of your text, often through rearranging sentences and paragraphs. All editing is done with respect for your writing style and the overall tone of your text and business message.

Bruce M Copywriting & Technical Writing
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