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Texts in perfect English that sing out your market concepts with powerful words and global format.
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Manuals and help systems to guide your users, keep them happy and save on support costs.
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American English mother tongue, technical background, over a decade in the writing business are only some of the reasons. Read more »
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"Those who write clearly have readers. Those who write obscurely have commentators."
Albert Camus  


Technical Writing
- clear, concise, logical, usable

Operation Manuals, Software User Guides, Quick Guides, Software On-Line Help, Getting Started Instruction Sheets, Help Desk Manuals, FAQ, Support Web Content...

Bruce M provides you with technical documentation, such as manuals, white papers and software help systems - all written in perfect native-English with an understanding of the user’s perspective and the problems he/she may encounter. Text and language are tailored for specific target audiences, such as business or consumer, and for users possessing differing levels of technical knowledge and English fluency.

Your technical message matters – it’s your image
The quality of a company’s technical documentation reflects on the reputation of the company itself. Customers will notice if your manuals are poor, unhelpful or difficult to understand. Silly spelling or grammatical errors and unclear instructions will harm your company’s image. I offer technical writing services that will lift the value of your product, reduce help-desk costs, and keep your customers happy so they return to give you new business.

A “technical” technical writer
Technical documents are meant to simplify information and help readers accomplish their tasks right away. This means they need to be clear, concise, accurate and usable. To achieve this, the technical writer must be familiar with the latest technology and able to grasp key fundamentals relating to each product field.
I offer technical writing services based on years of experience as a Senior Technical Writer and also as a hands-on IT professional. My background and education are highly technical, and I have worked closely for many years with hardware and software development.

How I work
Whether you need to update existing manuals or start total production of new ones, I can help bring your technical documentation to the levels expected in global markets.  When required, I will work on-site, and independently collaborate with your company experts, programmers and engineers to gather information, verify details, and control the accuracy of all texts before their release. I am an experienced user of authoring and imaging software and a strong believer in the use of illustrations to clarify procedures described in my documents. Every sentence and instruction will be analyzed, so the end result is a reliable and long-lasting document that quickly returns its value and increases your customers' satisfaction.

Bruce M Copywriting & Technical Writing
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